Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When was the first Presidential Dollar really made?

I was chatting with the club president a couple of days ago and the subject of presidential dollars came up.  Of course the first answer that comes out of most collectors mouths is that the 2007 George Washington Dollar was the first one.  I thought that there might be another dollar that could really be called the first presidential dollar.  So without hesitation I asked Craig, "wouldn't the Eisenhower Dollar be the first real presidential dollar"?  Well he contemplated on that questions and answered that it was the first dollar coin with a presidents face on it.  So after a Google here and there I found that even though Jefferson was the first president to be put on a coin, the nickel, the the first dollar that was produced with a presidents bust was the good ole Ike dollar.

Now I know that many will say that this is true, but the presidential dollars didn't come out until the year 2007 after in 2005, President George W. Bush signed the Presidential $1.00 Coin Act.  Of course you can say that this act was the foundation of this query, but I must disagree.  1971 was the first year a president was put on a dollar coin and that cannot be disputed.  If fact the coin is called a "Eisenhower Dollar".  What are you going to call the issued presidential dollar that comes out in 2015?  Eisenhower Dollar 2?

Bring up the subject with other collectors.  Throw it around the coin stores and dealers and see what they say.  This could make for a good numismatic subject.