Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tribute to JFK

The Gateway Coin Club of Merced County has a display at our local library paying tribute to one of histories memorable presidents, John F Kennedy.  I was lucky to come across this display while I was there and fortunately one of our members was nice enough to have case open so I could take some photos for our blog.  Many our age can remember that infamous day when one of the youngest and
charismatic political figures in the White
House life was taken away.  I figured that since there were some Kennedy halfs and coin set and stamps that it should merit a small posting on here.  As you look through the photos below, some have links that will take you to various sites that will give you more information.  I hope you enjoy the tribute.

If you get a chance run on down to the Merced Library, who we thank for letting us show the display, and get a good look right up front.  The link to the library is here Merced Library

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