Monday, March 10, 2014

1992 D Lincoln Memorial Cents

I read an interesting article today about 2 different reverses on some of the 1992- 2000 Lincoln Memorial Penny.  In 1992 the Philadelphia and Denver Mints used 2 distinct reverse types.  One with the AM in AMERICA being close together and the FG (Frank Gasparro's) initials being far from the Memorial and the other version has a greater distance between the AM and the initials are closer to the Memorial.  The closer AM is the rarer of the 1992-D cents.  Heritage Auctions estimates that there is only 15 of the rare pennies that are currently known, but more may come to light.  A MS69 Red Lincoln that was graded by PCGS sold for $14,100 at a Heritage auction on Feb 17 2014.

So before you give your little one that penny for the gum machine or throwing it in a penny tray at your local store, you may want to take a closer look.  There might be a Lincoln in your hand that will bring a lot of cents into your pocket.

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